Print Marketing

Whilst digital advertising has benefits, so to does its older cousin, print marketing, representing a powerful marketing channel and shouldn’t be ignored in the marketing mix.

Marketers have observed that nowadays there is a move by consumers towards print publications. While social media is quick to implement, catalogues and magazines can reach those who have chosen to “unplug”.

Printed material is charmingly different. The tactile, engaging properties and its ability to hang around for a while (coffee table, floats, back seat of the car, kitchen bench, loo), make it a very worthwhile marketing channel. Magazines and catalogues create instant engagement, and if the content and design are right, instant action.

Equestrian Hub Marketing produce a quarterly printed catalogue, Equestrian Marketplace Catalogue, advertisers in the catalogue also benefit from this being published digitally.

To maximise the benefits of the dollars you are spending on your promotional efforts.  Equestrian Hub Marketing can assist you with developing the following printed and digital material:

  • Brochures, flyers and posters
  • Social media advertisements
  • Advertisements, including design, copywriting, photography and artwork production
  • Signage and banners
  • e-books to be utilised as lead magnets
  • Branded Stationery
  • Packaging

Should marketing be a little overwhelming, why not have everything project managed.

  • Experienced print management in both digital, web and offset, depending on individual job specifications.
  • Estimations, timelines and client communication

An experienced, talented team of Creatives are at your disposal to create branded and strategised print and digital assets to promote your business.