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A Better Way to Saddle Up!


Let’s face it, owning a business is a tough gig. What may have grown out of a love for horses and a passion for the sport can easily turn into a burden and a seven-days-a-week commitment. From manufacturing products or ordering stock to attending trade shows and lodging your BAS on time, business owners have a lot on their plate — let alone navigate the world of social media, marketing and e-commerce.
Equestrian Hub Marketing caters specifically for the equestrian industry, an industry we know and have enjoyed great success with. We work with all members of the equestrian industry, from riders to saddleries, from breeders to retailers, and we assist our clients with developing their brand, growing exposure and directing their marketing efforts most effectively.
Planning your own marketing strategy is time consuming, and if not done right, can be a major expense with little to no results. You know you have a great product, but how do you get people to visit your website and buy it? How do you set up a website in the first place? And why are people not seeing your Facebook posts? 
The team at EH Marketing has the answer to all these questions. We know horses and we know marketing, and we understand the industry. 

Think of us as your new riding coach, who will not only help you with those flying changes but also saddle the horse for you, and thus saving you a lot of time!

Here’s a snapshot of what we do:

Equestrian Brands & Branding

Digital Marketing

Equestrian Print Marketing

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