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HUB HELP has been created to help families after an equestrian accident has impacted their lives. The funds we raise can be used in many ways to support families in times of great need. For example in buying groceries, paying bills, repairing essential infrastructure damage and maintaining livestock.

Family’s lives are challenged in many ways whilst a loved one lies in a hospital bed, their life held in the balance. During this time the families suffer stresses in many ways. The impact on them emotionally, physically and mentally is enormous. It could be that the primary income earner may well be the one lying there or it could be a child and parents are unable to work because they hold a steadfast bedside vigil as they wait and pray for improvements every day.

During this time, friends are asking how they can help and families are often too shell shocked, or often are so unaware of what the future holds, that they cannot provide any answers. The role of HUB HELP is to collect those funds and make them available to the recipient once the time is right, without exposing the family to public fundraising efforts.

No one person or organisation can remove the suffering but everyone can help in some way. Equestrian Hub, through HUB HELP are keen to assist.

Donors can nominate who they would like funds to go to, or we can also assist with having supplies paid for and delivered, this could be groceries or horse food. Our aim to help if at all possible and remove stress in some small way.

The main objective of HUB HELP is to give families an answer when people ask “how can we help”.

Equestrian Hub is an online business and has an extensive reach into the equestrian community. Our help is not tied to any particular region.

If you’d like to donate, please visit the Hub Help website.

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