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Mel Fleming –

Mel Fleming –
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Mel Fleming –
Connecting with Horses & Riding with Synchronicity
Saddle Fitting & BALANCE saddles

Connecting with horses is about connecting to the horse at the deepest energetic, mental and emotional levels. It is about connecting with your heart, mind and physical body. This is how we can learn the true quality of physical FEEL with a horse. We must understand the horse generically as a prey and herd animal but equally as an individual thinking, feeling, sentient being with a mind, heart and soul. We need to connect with the individual being of each horse considering “who” they are and how they feel, not just using them for what they can do.

‘Riding in Synchronicity’ means to ride in perfect synchronicity and harmony, becoming like a centaur where you become part of the horse and the horse becomes part of you. To achieve this we need to understand the horse’s physical body and the biomechanics of how their body’s work. It is vitally important for horses to be ridden in correct posture and biomechanical balance if they are to enjoy the experience, stay sound, be healthy and reach their highest athletic potential.

Correct saddle fitting and BALANCE saddles allow all of this to happen.

This teaching will benefit both the beginner and those with years of experience who are looking for a better partnership with their horse and better performance. Based on Martial Art principles, Feldenkrais, Intuitive Reading and Feeling, as well as many years of practically working with horses in many different disciplines, this teaching will help both horses and humans reach their highest potential in their chosen field.
0428 385 745
Based at Moonbi near Tamworth NSW, but teaching courses Australia Wide
New South Wales


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Mel Fleming –