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Horse treats so good Fiona Todd was tempted to try them herself!

My first thought as I opened the bags of treats was the beautiful smell! One great thing about horses is that they are obviously vegetarians and so any decent horsey treat should have a deliciously fruity smell – and taste.

On our property we have a mix of horses, all the girls are Warmbloods and all the boys are Thoroughbreds, except for my rather dapper Warmblood yearling.

The mares loved them and chased me around the paddock for more, all three of them going for both the flavours I had – the licorice, and the banana and blueberry. The matriarch was doing her level best to politely tell them all to disappear, but the other two quickly grabbed their share and devoured them instantly.

Donald, the yearling (the one the vet calls Trumpy), did his level best to understand what you do with these little blocks. He rolled them around in his mouth, shook his head up and down, pawed the ground and finally resorted to the Flehmen Response.

The Thoroughbreds, well, they were pretty confused (as only Thoroughbreds can be!) They chewed the treats for a moment then dropped them on the ground and immediately asked for more. They didn’t really know what to do with them, but after a couple of attempts started to gobble them up like seasoned professionals.

The only problem is that now I’m going to have to keep a steady supply on hand since the horses were less than impressed when they were all finished and I had the hide to appear without them!

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