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Product Review – Anita Momentum Wire-Free Sports Bra

Product Review

Fiona Todd reviews the Anita Momentum Wire-free Sports Bra

Being blessed, or cursed, depending how you look at it with larger breasts, finding a bra to ride in can be problematic. If you are in the smaller boob community you probably can’t relate to the discomfort and pain it’s possible to experience as a rider with larger breasts. Without a correctly fitting sports bra your posture and balance are all realigned to take into consideration those heavy, awkward masses. Sit-trotting is, quite frankly, a nightmare, and the black eye jokes wear very thin after a while.

Over the years I’ve tried several types and brands of bras for riding. I’ve even resorted to wearing a combination of bras at the same time, which was not only hot but super uncomfortable and still did not obtain the desired outcome.

Once I put the Anita bra on, I was sold on comfort for starters. With no uncomfortable underwires, the bra gave me two independent boobs, which was a relief in itself no more monoboob. The straps are wide and comfortable, they don’t dig in and they stay put. When I rode everything sat where it was supposed to and allowed me to relax and actually enjoy being on my horse. The breathable fabric in the back allows your skin to stay cool and the all-important puppies didn’t sweat up as much as normal.

I was so comfortable and supported in this bra that, knowing my body parts would be supported, for the briefest of moments I considered

taking up jogging – don’t panic, it was only a brief thought. But still, the Anita is a big win in my books.

I purchased mine from Blest Bras

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