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Product feature – GutzBusta hay nets

GutzBusta have been making and using hay nets for their own horses for the past seven years. Until recently they’ve been marketing and using nets with 4cm and 3cm holes, but the very wet winter in 2016 meant that the hay was not as palatable as usual, and it was also a bit stalky. Enter the 6cm hole which GutzBusta Hay Nets have now added to their range! The other advantage of the large hole is that not all horses need to be slowed down for many horses it’s a question of giving them access to hay through dry or cold conditions. The smaller holes work perfectly for ensuring that your horses don’t guts ™ their hay and end up with digestive problems, but the larger hole still keeps the hay together and prevents wastage, whilst allowing horses quicker access to roughage. (Of course if your horses or ponies or livestock have hooves smaller than 6cm, the net needs to be kept high enough to be out of hoof range and make sure you check your net daily.) GutzBusta is a wonderful addition to your barn’s essential requirements and we can highly recommend it.

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