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Injury Prevention Evolves With KEP Italia

There’s no compromise on function in the name of fashion with the Cromo 2.0 by KEP Italia, writes Jess Morton.

Sleek and lightweight, KEP Italia’s newest helmet, the Cromo 2.0, was released in May 2021. This state-of-the-art helmet integrates Near Field Communication (NFC) technology with a chip implanted under the front panel that can be read by rescue teams or other riders by hovering an NFC enabled smartphone over the helmet. The chip requires no power to operate, but can store information such as your name, allergies, emergency contacts, blood type, and even insurance details, allowing responders and medics to retrieve critical information if you’re unconscious. The NFC chip is technologically unique in protective headwear. It allows your helmet to ‘talk on your behalf’ and provide vital data in the event of an accident.

The KEP Italia Cromo 2.0 helmet with onboard NFC technology

The Danger Of  TBI

Equestrian sports are dangerous and the risk of  Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is very real. These injuries are severe and can have a lasting impact. Even though the risk of injury for equestrians has been notoriously difficult to quantify accurately, one American survey found that 81% of enthusiasts reported at least one injury during their riding career, with a fifth of these classified as serious. Head injuries resulting from a fall are among the most prevalent of injuries sustained by riders. TBI is also the primary cause of death among professional riders. Documented instances of trauma or mild traumatic brain injury among equestrians are even higher than those reported from boxing and professional football. Survivors of brain injuries can endure long term neurological impairment and the resulting implications for an athlete’s career and health can be significant.

Getting It Right

Just as important as wearing a helmet is wearing the right helmet.KEP founder and CEO Lelia Polini is an endurance rider herself and insists on particular attention to safety when new helmets are designed. Five different safety authorities, as well a KEP’s in-house design team, test KEP helmets to ensure maximum compliancy and protection for riders around the world.

KEP Cromo helmet optionsinclude interchangeable linings in a range of sizes

Safety Plus Comfort

KEP helmets offer exceptional comfort with removable winter and summer liners providing ventilation or heat as required, and there are a multitude of fashionable options for the shell, front and rear panels, frame, strap colour and liners. Combining fresh design and technology, KEP Italia helmets are 100% Italian made. The Cromo 2.0 offers all the features you would expect from a high quality helmet. Front-to-back ventilation draws sweat and heat out of the shell, ensuring maximum comfort on long rides, and the helmet easily converts with customised visors that can be removed and installed as needed. KEP helmets come in a wide variety of original designs and finishes, plus there are configuring options for the frame, strap color and liners so you can choose the design that best matches your personal style.

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