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Equestrian Hub Boutique: Horse Health

The best in horse health – all you need to keep your unicorn in shape!

KER – Equi-Jewel® is a scientifically formulated high-fat, low-starch, and cool-energy conditioner. From $56.95

Equi-Jewel is the original, research-proven stabilised rice bran product for horses and is the only conditioning supplement to include KER BMC™ to buffer the digestive tract. This, combined with Equi-Jewel’s proven track record, make it the go-to topline conditioner for horse owners, leading trainers and breeding farms around the world.

Equi-Jewel contains KER BMC, a unique source of marine-derived calcium shown to be more highly digestible than other forms of calcium typically used in feeds. KER BMC has been shown to buffer stomach acid to bolster gastric health and reduce the incidence of ulcers, as well as moderate the pH of the hindgut to prevent acidosis.

Equi-Jewel also contains linoleic acid which has been shown to reduce gastric acid secretion and increase output of protective prostaglandins, making Equi-Jewel an important component in the diet of horses at risk of gastric ulcers and hindgut disturbances.

AXIS – Oral Broad Spectrum Worm Paste for Horses. AXIS is a rotational horse wormer that treats horses up to 700kg with a dial-a-dose plunger. From $17.95

HI-FORM – Oxydane Daily nutritional support and recovery assistance for high performance horses. From $89.97

Daily nutritional support and recovery assistance for high performance horses. Oxydane is a very complex high performance formula for racing and high level performance horses and offers total nutritional support. Oxydane is designed to promote a healthy immune system, contains mineral tissue salts, antioxidants, built in electrolytes and Hiform’s Bioequus digestive aid.



McDowelles – Equisite Mane to Tail Shine. Formulated with herbs traditionally known to improve skin, coat and hair condition. Available in 2 sizes. From $90.95


MISSY’S BUCKET – Gut-Plus Nutritional Supplement, One Supplement, All Bases Covered. The Ultimate In Nutritional Support. From $180.50. RRP – Bucket $190.50 Refill Bag $180.50

Missy’s Bucket GUT-Plus protects, enhances and supports horses digestive system, including premium, high dose ingredients, commonly lacking in the average equine pasture and hay diet. This supplement includes essential Vitamins, Minerals, plus Yeast Pre & Probiotics, Magnesium, extra Vitamin A & E, Amino Acids & Mycosorb A+. Available in 6kg Bucket, 6kg Refill Bag and 20kg Bulk Bucket.

Bananafeeds Australia – 100% natural equine supplement solutions for improving the gut health of horses using one of the most widely recognised beneficial natural products: GREEN BANANAS. | From $80

KER – EO-3 is a rich source of the long-chain omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA in a palatable liquid form. | From $79.95

Horses are often fed diets composed entirely of grain mixes and hay. Such diets are rich in omega-6 fatty acids but extremely low in omega-3 fatty acids. If vegetable oil is added to the ration, it further skews the ratio, with omega-6 fatty acids being overrepresented. To help counteract this imbalance, horses should be supplemented with omega-3 fatty acids, the richest sources of which are fish oils. Kentucky Equine Research developed EO-3™, a potent marine-derived oil that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. EO-3 is a palatable oil that is top-dressed onto the feed. EO-3 contains the omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA. KER has shown EO-3 to be highly palatable when compared to other marine-derived oils.

EO-3 is intended to be fed to horses of all classes and working levels to improve the critical omega-3:omega-6 ratio in their diets. The equine athlete that is provided EO-3 can benefit from the difference in inflammatory response. In addition, EO-3 has also demonstrated benefits to the cardiovascular system, reproductive performance, and bone development in numerous research studies in a variety of animal species. The consumption of EPA and DHA from a source such as EO-3 is the only way to ensure that these fatty acids are available for metabolism of the “less-inflammatory” compounds and other metabolites beneficial for the horse’s overall health and well-being. EO-3 supplies omega-3 fatty acids, compounds with positive effects on reproduction, bone development and numerous inflammatory conditions in horses.

Pottie’s – Pottie’s Cough Mixture is a palatable, syrup to relieve coughing in horses. | 500 ml $42.95