Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How does The Saddle Hub work?

The Saddle Hub primarily sells saddles on consignment.  If you wish us to sell your saddle for you we list, promote, manage enquiries and then receive the money for your saddle, forwarding the money to your bank account once the sale is finalised.  We charge a listing fee and a commission that varies according to the price bracket in which your saddles sits.

How do I package my saddle?

People have different theories on the best way to package a saddle. Our preference is to package them into a removalist carton, these are nice and sturdy and the saddle travels well in them. Place some bubble wrap in the bottom, wrap some bubble wrap around the cantle and put the saddle in – pommel down. If your saddle has a cover, put the wrap inside the cover as it helps hold it in place.

Removalist cartons are available from removalists, Bunnings, independent hardware stores or packaging specialists.

What if my saddle is damaged whilst on trial?

Your saddle must come back from the trial in exactly the same condition as it was dispatched, otherwise there is no refund.  For this reason it is necessary for all marks to be recorded on the paperwork you submit to us, as well as supporting images.

What happens if my saddle does not sell?

We cannot promise to find a new home for your saddle but we do our best to ensure this happens.  We promote the saddles widely and list on websites other than our own. We will forward a newsletter to you fortnightly letting you know what has been happening in Sellers World.

Where are you located?

The office is located at Fernleigh, northern NSW.  However, we have representatives in Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney and are growing all the time.

What if I know the saddle fits and I don’t want a trial period?

You are welcome to put an offer for a lower price and choose to waive the trial period.  The Saddle Hub will contact the owner and advise if they are happy with the price you have offered.

Do you only sell on consignment

No, we will also consider trading your saddle on another saddle or we will also consider buying your saddle.  We are under no obligation to accept your saddle and it will depend on the quality, brand and condition of the saddle you are offering.  We will give you a price indication and verify this once you have shipped the saddle to us.  Please bear in mind, the price offered will be a wholesale, not retail, price